6 Psychological Tricks Show How To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back Easily

Published: 23rd February 2010
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Are you looking for a way to show how to win your ex girlfriend back? If you are then you will understand that this is not a simple situation to deal with and the utter frustration of it will be making you crazy. Trying to repair a relationship after a break up is an extremely painful task and can leave you wondering if it is actually achievable. But do not give up because getting back together is totally possible and here are 6 positive steps to show you how to reach that goal of getting an ex back.

1 - Knowing why the relationship broke up is your first step to learning how to win your ex girlfriend back. Uncovering just why the relationship failed is not so that you can lay the blame for it on either partner. In your quest for turning a downbeat situation into an upbeat one, the more informed you are the greater your chance of success.

2 - The "Be Cool" step is your next step. Basically you do not want to do anything in haste. This is the point where most guys get it all completely wrong when they wonder how to win your ex girlfriend back and ruin any slight chance they may have had to repair things. Fear of being alone can force you to jump straight in and make you appear desperate and clingy which is not an attractive sight to any woman!

3 - You do need to contact your ex, but how long should you leave it before you do get in touch? We need to find a happy medium with this situation. If you contact her too early you will run the risk of looking needy and pushy. But if you leave it too long, she could think you have moved on with your life and she may start to do the same. In this case, absence can make the heart grow colder! I would suggest that between 4 to 6 weeks is a good "not too pushy-not too uncaring" amount of time. Initial contact should ideally be texting or a simple email. A cold call out of the blue will most likely be treated as an unwanted surprise as it will put her in a very uneasy position and just turning up on her doorstep unannounced would definitely make her freak. I would not recommend any of those two approaches if you really want to win your ex girlfriend back.

4 - A simple "Hi how are you?" is all you need when you do eventually get in contact. This shouldn't be anything too heavy, just an easy, warm and friendly chat. It would be very easy to be emotional and over the top when you speak to her, but the last thing she needs is an apologetic wimpy man and this would only serve to push her further away. You will boost the chance to win your ex girlfriend back by keeping things matter of fact and casual with your approach.

5 - We are now at one of the key stages of how to win your ex girlfriend back. It's time to try and forget about what happened that caused the breakup and leave it all in the past. Imagine that you have just met and are starting a whole new relationship. You must prevent yourself being unhappy and beating yourself up over what happened before and move on with this new partnership. You must put yourself in the frame of mind whereby you can delete all the negativity that the split had created.

6 - Take things slowly. Don't rush. You can set up a friendly catch up over a coffee when the time is right. Imagine this as like having a first date. Leave all the old baggage from the past behind and look to the future with a positive outlook of starting again. Keep it simple and friendly and avoid over analyzing anything. You will achieve a far greater chance of success if you want to win your ex girlfriend back by getting to know each other again in this way.

These 6 steps are just the start to learning how to win your ex girlfriend back. Knowing what to do next is vitally important to repairing your relationship. It's not just about knowing what to do; it's also about knowing what you SHOULD NOT do! If you follow these 6 tips you will be moving in the right direction but what you decide to do next is crucial to getting your ex back.


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