Choosing A Beginner Guitar Song 3 Easy Guitar Songs That Any Beginner Can Learn

Published: 30th March 2010
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The first few days of learning how to play guitar can be quite boring. It is important to understand and be able to use some of the techniques, but you need to keep it interesting. Your fingers will ache a bit and the tips of your fingers will feel a little sore until they get used to it, so you need to find a way to keep enthusiastic. A cool way to keep that initial excitement alive is to find a good easy beginner guitar song to learn. By being able to play something that is recognisable to you in a short space of time it will fire you up to want to learn more. Here are 3 classic songs with fairly easy chord structures that will help you learn the guitar easily and are guaranteed to impress your friends'

Chuck Berry ' Johnny B. Goode (beginner guitar song chords needed - A D and E)

As a good beginner guitar song this song is a timeless classic and something that nearly every rock god on a guitar will have played somewhere down the line. It's actually quite easy to learn the basic "12 bar blues" chord structure. It's based around just 3 chords ' A D and E. You don't even need to play the full chords. All you need to do start with is to put your 1st finger on the 2nd fret of the 4th string and strum the 5th string and the 4th string together. With a little bit of distortion on your amp, when you hit these 2 strings you will get a sweet sounding beginners power chord!

Oasis ' Wonderwall (beginner guitar song chords needed - E min G D A C)

If you are into acoustic playing this is one of the more modern day classic beginner guitar songs and it has a great chord structure built into it. It also uses something i like to call "The Anchoring Technique". This is where you will play a chord and then move to the next chord but will leave one of your fret fingers in the same place from the previous chord. This technique was also used very cleverly in the song Hero by Enrique which is another good beginner song to help you to learn the guitar.

Eric Clapton ' Wonderful Tonight (beginner guitar song chords needed - G D C with an E min sneaked in!)

Although Clapton is an awesome blues player he also did some classic pop songs. The actual lead riff is very easy to play as it is based around the same basic 4 or 5 notes. This is a really good song when just beginning learning how to play the guitar as it has an easy clean guitar riff in it and show some simple string bending. If your guitar has 3 single coil pickups you can easily get that lovely sweet "out of phase" sound sound by flicking your selector switch to the mid way position between the back and the middle pickup. It should be fairly easy to play these chords and because it's a slow song you should find moving from one chord to the next reasonably straight forward.

When you start anything new, being able to get to a certain standard is going to take time and a fair amount patience. By learning how to play with these simple beginner guitar songs you will soon see yourself progressing quickly. It's easy to understand why beginners can get really frustrated in the beginning, but once you've mastered even some of the basic techniques needed to learn the guitar you will soon be rocking out with the best of them.


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