Does She Really Love Me? Sure Signs To Tell If She Wants You Back

Published: 17th February 2010
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"Help, I know my ex wants me back, but I'm scared of messing things up again! What should I do and what should I not do?" That's a good question and hopefully this article will go some way to helping you answer it. You can imagine something and the more you think about it the more you believe it's a reality. If you have gone through a breakup and are still very much in contact with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend you may be starting to see signs that he or she wants to get back with you. You must be very careful how you deal with these feelings as you may be reading far more into what is happening than you should be.

Your ex will still have feelings for you but that does not necessarily mean they are saying i want my ex back. Are you misreading the friendly affection they are still showing you because you have had a close relationship for such a long time or could there really be chance that she wants to get back together? It is a confusing and painful time, but are there some sure signs your ex wants you back? Here are some of those signs to be on the look out for and an explanation as to what they could mean.

Even though you have broken up, your ex still remains in contact with you to just catch up and have a friendly chat. There is no particular reason for them to call, its just a "hi how are things" kind of casual call. These brief warm chats will make you feel good, but whatever you do, do not let your imagination run away with itself. It's very easy to take things the wrong way and think my ex wants me back and everything will return to how it used to be. The warm friendly tone of their voice and the fact that they have called you can be misleading. They may just want to stay friends, so take it easy and don't go jumping the gun.

When you talk to them, they let you know that there is nobody else on the scene and that they are not even thinking of finding another partner. And visually they are changing into a better person. Their personality is changing to someone you would be more attracted to because they realise that how they were acting before was not the way they should have been. Their appearance may be changing and you can see that they are trying to improve who they are especially for someone they still deeply care about and would like to sway them into thinking i want him back.

If you do have any contact in maybe a workplace or possibly when you see each other out anywhere, they are always nice and generous to you. You may have a problem with something and they are always there to offer help and advice. These are all signs that your ex still has feelings for you, but they are not necessarily saying i want her back together with me.

If you do get the chance to speak more intimately about the break up and you manage to clear the air this can make you feel better about the situation too. Explaining that knows he should have done things differently or maybe that she had taken things in the wrong way in the past and could maybe have handled them better are great signs that you are repairing the rift. But once again, you must not read too deeply into what could be just a time to clear a few issues up, so that you can both move on whilst still remaining friends.

Do you notice if they a nervous and flirty around you? It's almost like they are getting to know you all over again and trying to win your affections like they did when they asked you out on the first date. Bask in the feeling of being wanted again. It will not only make you feel good it will also make you realise that even though you were dumped it wasn't your fault. When you get dumped it can destroy all self confidence and this showing affection can help to build your confidence back up quickly.

Sometimes during your conversations you may start to see them talk about the future as if you were going to be part of it. Making plans to do things that included both of you. These may be subtle hints that are slipped casually into conversation but they are major signs that things are heading in the right direction.Unfortunatley there are still no definate answer to the deep question of "does she really love me?" If you are seeing that your ex is showing any of these signs then there is a chance that your ex is still in love with you. However, this does'nt means that you are going to get back together suddenly. This is a very new and confusing time for both of you. If your ex did the breaking up, he or she will be sending out all kinds of mixed up emotional signals and you will have to be very careful as to how you interpret them!

Remember that the problems that caused the breakup will still be in the back of their mind. One minute they will want to be with you and the next they won't. This emotional seesaw is a constant reminder of the good and the bad times that you both shared. They could easily be testing you to see if you are prepared to make changes. Keeping watch and looking to see if any of the behaviour that originally caused the split is going to slip out and drag you right back into that painful relationship that you both suffered before.These are all very interesting signs that show that your ex still holds affection for you but how can you tell if they want to get back together with you? Should you make a move or just let things run the course?

Sometimes it can be good to remain single for a while. Re-evaluate what you had and decide if you want things back the way they were. Your ex will need some time to find out who they are in their own space. You need to do the same. Take some time out to see what can be done to better your future relationships. By doing this you will greatly improve any future relationship you may have either together or with new partners. So if you are still saying "I want my ex back", but you are not seeing any signs that your ex wants you back, the signs are there - you just need to be shown how to uncover them.


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