She Wont Return My Calls - How Can I Get My Ex Back?

Published: 11th January 2010
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Believe it or not, there are some Magic Words that can make people do things that make them think it was their idea in the first place.

Getting your ex to return your calls, texts or emails can be a frustrating task and something that most of us get completely wrong especially when in an emotional state.Somehow the ex seems to know exactly what to do to keep torturing us!

When dealing with a break up what you must realise that this is all part of the Big Conflict of Power Game between the both of you. They know that you are going to bombard them with emails, texts and calls and are prepared for them. Maybe some of them actually enjoy it. If you're like me that really gets me fired up!

And one of worst parts about being in this situation is that you almost can't help yourself. You constantly want to keep in touch with your ex to find out what they've been up to and generally want to still be part of their lives.

You need to understand that your ex is playing a very different game to you. Whenever you call your ex, it's because you WANT something from them. And what you WANT is to interact with them and keep the relationship alive. Keep it moving forward.

But your ex knows that every time you call and you don't get what you want, they have the power. They are winning the game because you continue calling! The secret mind trick that can turn things around and help to get your ex back is to get them to think that it's them that want something from you.

When calling your ex there are two types of message that almost NEVER work. The Pleading, "Please, please, please i need you to call me back. I've called 3 times now. I've got to talk to you' and The Emergency, 'Susan, this is an emergency. Please call me as soon as you get this message'

These types of messages can put you in a horrible psychological position and the desire to return your call in both cases clearly won't be too high. In fact the chances are your ex will find it more irritating than anything else. And at the risk of stating the obvious, this is not going to help you to win your ex back

A key to getting them to contact you is to compose a letter that stirs 2 extremely powerful driving forces of the mind, Their Curiosity and Self-Interest. The letter would include that you've accepted the break-up, your moving on with your life, there are changes in your life and you want to give them space.

You need to have a complete underlying strategy outlined from one of the many relationship help courses available to you before you call or send a letter. What you do before, during and after to get them to return your call is more important then getting them to actually return the call.


If you'd like to know more about how to get your ex to return your calls and exactly what those magic words are that can help you get your ex back, you can do so here:

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